Sidonie Bouchet guides you towards transformation through her writings, teachings, workshops and sessions. Since 2000, she has been practising and teaching reflexology, colour therapy and spirituality in Australia. In 2016, she returned to France and now offers transformational sessions and classes.

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She is the author of Alleluia, the first book of a trilogy depicting her spiritual journey from the darkness into the light, and she is presently completing her second book, God Am I, intended to inspire you to find the god within.

Born in France, Sidonie has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a background in editorial publishing . She is presently undertaking a European Bachelor of Communications. In the early 1990s, she commenced her journey as a spiritual counsellor and workshop facilitator. From 2000 to 2012, she was gathering lightworkers for ceremonial performances, including Woodford Folk Festival. Sidonie has been a presenter and workshop facilitator at festivals and expos, and a guest speaker on radio, television and teleseminars in the US, Canada and Australia.

As the founder and writer of the Facebook page Soul Sex, Sidonie shares her thoughts and discoveries to over 240,000 worldwide to inspire and empower them to connect to themselves in order to return to authenticity and wholeness.