Alleluia is a spiritual journey from the darkness into the light, dedicated to all those who have given up hope. The first book of a trilogy, Alleluia, holds channeled codes for those who have suffered abuse, rejection and alienation.

“My wings are battered, my crown has toppled,

but I still have the glory of God within me,

just like you, just like we all do.”

If you know that you are different for a reason, and seek guidance and strength to carry on, then allow these codes to penetrate your armour, so that you can access your true self once more. As you read this book, let your story superimpose this one, so that you too can find your inner light and fulfil your mission here on Earth.

“Our soul is, on a grander scale, part of the soul of the world.

It is our duty to treasure it like our jewel.

Without that jewel we are nothing – just robots trampling the earth.”

May this journey inspire you to find your way back into the glorious light – which is your, my, our ultimate birthright.

“As I open my heart, my jewel shines, my light shines, I shine.

I become love, and love is all there is.”


“Hi Sidonie, the book is moving…You are truly amazing.”

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your book a lot...
I went back a few times and re-read some parts. 
Thanks for reminding me where I come from. 
Thank you Sidonie. Love, Light and Blessings!"

“I loved your book Sidonie!!! I can’t wait for the next one! <3”

"I have read your book once already and am half way through it 
again. It is amazing. It is beautifully written, stunningly 
honest and there is something truly magical and divine in its 
pages. It feels kind of like when your read a myth or the bible 
or an enchanted fairytale, somehow the language and the story 
affects you on a profound level outside of your logical mind. 
It is amazing."

“I received your book today … thank you for the inspiration.”

"I finished reading your book 'Alleluia' yesterday and 
I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a real credit to you 
in the way you write so honestly from your heart and soul, 
I took a lot from what you wrote to help heal some of my own 
visited dark moments/days/weeks/months! 
Thank you for sharing your written words."

“Dear Sidonie…today I read your book cover to cover. I didn’t want to put it down. I was surprised…I bought your book knowing nothing at all about it, I simply wanted to support you…and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I was just so surprised. It was utterly stunning and brave. I related deeply to some aspects. I enjoyed very much that you wrote in your own style which I found very compelling. The honesty is beautifull…LOVED IT…….LOVE YOU…..Learning to LOVE ME.”

"Reading your book was a great catalyst for shedding the last of 
some deep grief and finally accepting myself for who I am. 
When I read your book I did think WOW it is loopy 
but I thought I am sooooo glad it's loopy because 
those conversations you have with your guides I have too 
and you have just completely normalised that process. 
I really appreciated you baring your soul because 
that's what this world is often lacking - soul to soul 
connection. Thank you so much for sharing your story."

“Just wanted to say I ordered your book, received it and read it yesterday. Just LOVED it! It really means a lot to me personally, and to everyone who will read your story. Thank you for your beautiful, blessed heart! Thank you for sharing! I am so looking forward to reading the other two books! I have watched/listened to your interview that is posted on your website. Loved! I’m so glad to hear you speak of such importance! We really do need an awakening in such matters! It is love. Everything comes back down to this basic rule.”