Online Sessions

Transformational Alchemy

Come Back to Wholeness – Reclaim Fragmented Aspects of Yourself


Face-to-face consultations are available for those seeking clarity in their life or further guidance beyond the daily Soul Sex posts on facebook. These Transformational Alchemy sessions, designed to reclaim lost aspects of yourself so that you can come back to wholeness, are ideal for anyone wanting to deeply transform.

Listen to A Successful Transformational Session
Sidonie, is a Divine Guiding Light, Illuminating the way to 
Self Love, Acceptance & Conscious Living. My Heart sings & 
my Soul rejoices, as my internal compass aligns, Awakening 
the wisdom that I hold within. 
~ Tara Murray, Sydney, Australia

During these transformational sessions, Sidonie Bouchet will encourage you to connect with your higher self in order to receive messages in alignment with your highest good. At times, for a deeper understanding about yourself or a situation, you will need to address unresolved issues going back to early childhood, past lives or galactically, depending on how open you are. Sidonie will be by your side as you clear past traumas, and come back to a more peaceful you.

Since my first session with Sidonie the world has sparked and 
sparkled in a different way. I instantly felt more grounded while 
beginning to soar. I am present in people's lives in a new and 
different way. The impact has been incredible. 
~ Geoff Ebbs, Brisbane, Australia

Please note that Sidonie will guide and mentor you during your online consultation, but that ultimately you are responsible for your healing.