Transformational Alchemy


Emotional and mental issues are just as much a part of you as the physical. Often an agitated mind is an indication of your soul urging you to reunite with it and realign with your higher self. Through the medium of Reflexology and Colour Therapy, Sidonie Bouchet guides you to connect with your Higher Self enabling you to remember & fulfill your ultimate purpose, your Soul Purpose.


Reflexology is a vital tool in this modern age. It relieves stress & tension, cleanses impurities & toxins, improves nerve & blood supply, and balances & normalises body functions. Reflexology allows you to restore & balance the body’s energy flow, thus assisting the body’s self-healing abilities. The hands & feet are a mirror of your body. The sole of your foot is a reflection of your soul.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy rebalances the chakras (energy wheels) of the body that have become distorted or depleted of energy. Colour, light of varying wavelengths, is applied to the seven main chakras of the body via the hands or feet. This is done using a quartz colour torch. When colour is administered this way it can rebuild the lightbody, enabling the physical body to return to optimal vibration.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance sessions are available for those seeking guidance and clarity in their life. Sidonie guides you to connect with your higher self to ensure that only what is in alignment with your highest good is received. All energy is channeled from Source, and comes through Sidonie, not from her.

Dear Sidonie...Singing your praises!!! 
Thank you again for helping me help myself...
your inner strength and generosity of spirit have helped me 
enormously...Again much gratitude love & laughter. 
~ Amanda Lennon, Sydney Australia

Your higher self is contacted during the session to ensure that only what is for your highest good is transferred. Often you will experience energy and light in your body during the session.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval enables you to reclaim fragmented aspects of yourself so that you can come back to wholeness. These lost parts of you may go back to early childhood, past lives or even galactically, depending on how open you are. This is Spiritual Alchemy for those truly wanting to transform.

Hi Sidonie, I feel fantastic this week, 
such an increase in energy...and much more positive, 
thank you very much! I always feel especially and 
miraculously healed after visiting you! 
~ Rachel Alexandra, Sunshine Coast Australia

What to Expect During a Session

Each consultation commences with the ritual of foot washing. Your higher self is contacted at the beginning of the session to ensure that you get the most out of your reflexology. Then using reflexology, all glands, organs and bodily parts are stimulated. Energy channeled from Source is transferred to the patient during the session. And you will receive a chakra rebalance using a quartz colour torch. Full sessions are typically 1.5 hours in duration.